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Which president ostracized himself from his cabinet by his defense of the Secretary of War's wife?

  • He was almost killed in a fight with the governor of Tennessee.
  • He married his wife before her official divorce.
  • He was held in a prison camp in the Revolutionary War.
  • His was called "Old Hickory."

Andrew Jackson

What was the Eaton Affair?

The Eaton Affair involved how the wives of Jackson's cabinet members treated Peggy Eaton, the wife of Secretary of War John Eaton. Many women, including Floride Calhoun--the wife of vice president John C. Calhoun--believed that Peggy Eaton did not comport herself properly and married John Eaton far too soon after the death of her first husband.

Andrew Jackson sided with Peggy Eaton and it led to great tension among his cabinet. It led to the effective dissolution of Jackson's original cabinet. Jackson came to rely on a group of informal advisors known as his "Kitchen Cabinet."

How did Jackson almost come to a deadly fight with Tennessee's governor?

In 1803, Jackson entered into a quarrel with John Sevier, the governor of Tennessee; both men felt they should become the leader of the state's militia. Jackson made a comment about Sevier's past service to the state, which caused Sevier to reply that Jackson's only contribution had been to take a trip "with another man's wife." Upon hearing this insult of Rachel, Jackson became enraged and the two shot at each other.

Who was Jackson's wife?

Jackson married Rachel Donelson, the youngest child of prominent native of Nashville, Tennessee John Donelson. Jackson became interested in Rachel while he rented a home from Donelson's widow. When he first met Rachel, she was married to Lewis Robards. Jackson did not like how Robards treated Rachel and confronted him about it.

Robards returned to the state of Kentucky and filed for divorce--or so Rachel and Andrew thought. Andrew and Rachel married in 1791, but apparently Robards had not obtained a divorce. Robards obtained a divorce in 1793 on the grounds that Rachel had committed adultery (with Jackson). Jackson and Rachel then officially married again in January 1794.

How did Jackson receive the scars on his face?

Andrew and his older brother Robert were captured by the British during the Revolutionary War. When a British officer ordered Andrew to shine his boots, Andrew refused, claiming that he wanted to be treated as a prisoner of war. The officer then slashed Andrew with his weapon. After this incident, Andrew and his brother were taken to a prison camp in Camden before Jackson's mother managed to secure their release.

How did Jackson get his nickname, Old Hickory?

Soldiers said that Jackson was "as tough as old hickory wood," earning him the nickname "Old Hickory." He also acquired the nickname "Sharp Knife" from the Indians, for his dangerousness with a blade.

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