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Handy Presidents 2e
ISBN: 9781578593170

President of the Day:

Which president appointed the first female cabinet member?

  • He was almost assassinated as retaliation against unemployment rates.
  • He was crippled by polio.
  • He was the fifth cousin of a former president.
  • His first lady was one of the most significant in history.

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From the President of the Day archive...

Which president was called the name "Conotocarius," by chief Tanacharison?
Which president was the only one born on the Fourth of July?
Which president had fifteen children with two wives, the most of any president?
Which president was named after the physician who delivered him?
Which president was trained as a tailor?
What movement won the acclaim of two presidents?
Which president was vice president for only eighty-two days?
Which famous vaccine did George Washington help pioneer?
Which president ordered Lewis and Clark's expedition?
Which president ostracized himself from his cabinet by his defense of the Secretary of War's wife?
Who urged President Roosevelt to pursue the atom bomb?
Which president formed a center to promote human rights internationally after his term?
Which president created the first library in the White House?
Which president married his first wife's niece, who was twenty-five years younger than him?
Consumer advocacy's roots can be traced to investigations started by which president?
Which president's niece became a First Lady?
Which president was the only one to deliver his inauguration speech from memory?
Who was the first president to ride in a car?
Which president vowed to put a man on the moon?
Who approved a lot of money to kick-start the National Road?
Which president has a foreign capital named after him?
Which president was the only to never marry?
Which president started out as a sports radio announcer?
Which president saw the completion of the full continental United States?
Which president wanted to be a sailor as a boy?
Which presidency was called "Camelot"?
Which two Presidents appointed the most, and which two Presidents became or were offered positions on the Supreme Court?
Which president was the first president to visit China?
Who can become president, what oath does the president take, and what is the presidentís job description?
Which president's face is on currency no longer printed?
Which president loved early-morning swims in the Potomac?
Which president was the only Rhodes Scholar?
Which U.S. president held the first press conference?
Which president had his name changed by a mistaken recommendation?
Which president was a junior varsity football coach?
Which president was the first man to serve three terms as Ohio's governor?
Which president ran a newspaper?
Who called the Kitchen Cabinet?
Which president was part owner of the major-league team, the Texas Rangers?
Which president named two of his primary challengers to his cabinet?
Which president won a prize at the Chicago World Fair?
About which president did Harry Truman say, "He said exactly what he was going to do and he did it"?
Which president served forty-three days as the governor of New York?
Who co-led the War Hawks?
Which president was the only to hold a doctorate?
Which president called his stepmother his best friend?
Who drew "a line in the sand"?
Which president refused to be inaugurated on the proper date due to religious beliefs?
Which president appointed two cabinet members who went on to win Nobel Peace Prizes?
Who said, "Fifty-four forty or fight"?
Which president was involved in creating the Navy?
Which president taught high-school public speaking?
Which president was the Navy's youngest aviator?
Who gave reparations to the Japanese interred after Pearl Harbor?
Which president started a curse of the presidency?
Who opened the New York World fair with one of the first televised speeches?
Which president was renamed after his stepfather?
Which president paid a Polish immigrant to be his substitute for the Civil War?
Who vowed he would burn Nashville before surrendering it?
Which president appointed the first female cabinet member?

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