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African American Almanac African American Almanac: 400 Years of Triumph, Courage and Excellence
by Lean'tin Bracks, PhD

A wealth of milestones, inspiration, and challenges met. . . The most complete and affordable single-volume reference of African... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578593231
Afterlife Book The Afterlife Book: Heaven, Hell, and Life After Death
NEW by Marie D Jones and Larry Flaxman

A profound and fascinating exploration of death and the afterlife! Christian and other religious beliefs, rituals from around the world, quests for... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578597611
Published 2023
Alien Book The Alien Book: A Guide to Extraterrestrial Beings on Earth
by Nick Redfern

Unmasking the mysteries of alien life on earth! Make mention of the word “alien” and it conjures images of black-eyed, large-headed,... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578596874
Alien Mysteries Alien Mysteries, Conspiracies and Cover-Ups
by Kevin D Randle

The Shocks, the Surprises, and the Mysteries Uncovered, Unraveled, and Exposed Thoroughly investigated by a former army officer and... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578594184
American Cults American Cults: Cabals, Corruption, and Charismatic Leaders
NEW by Jim Willis

American has spawned hundreds of cults. Charismatic leaders periodically burst into the news for the most awful of reasons. We are awash with... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578598007
Published 2023
American Murder American Murder: Criminals, Crime and the Media
by Mike Mayo

Mass murderers, spree killers, outlaws -- if they're notorious enough, Hollywood loves to get a hold of them and turn them into folk heroes or... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578591916
American Women's Almanac The American Women’s Almanac: 500 Years of Making History
by Deborah G Felder

Celebrate the vital roles and vibrant experiences of women in America! The most complete and affordable single-volume reference on women’s... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578596362
Ancient Gods Ancient Gods: Lost Histories, Hidden Truths, and the Conspiracy of Silence
by Jim Willis

Where do we come from? What are the origins of modern civilization? Do the world's pyramids, the Nazca Lines, Easter Island statues, and other... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578596140
Angels A to Z, 2nd Edition Angels A to Z, Second Edition
by Evelyn Dorothy Oliver and James R Lewis

Written by two recognized authorities on nontraditional religious movements, this resource is one of the most comprehensive books on angels and... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578592128
Area 51 Area 51: The Revealing Truth of UFOs, Secret Aircraft, Cover-Ups, & Conspiracies
by Nick Redfern

Secrets, Myths, Disinformation Revealed! Area 51 sits on an unmarked dirt road that runs through the desolate southern Nevada desert. Warning... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578596720
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