The Handy Hockey Answer Book

by Stan Fischler
Handy Hockey

Is there a hockey fan tucked away on your gift list? Good, because the thing to give is The Handy Hockey Answer Book, by Stan Fischler. It’s a fun-to-read, easy-to-grasp book that’s all about your giftee’s favorite sport. It’s a gift that’ll ... stick.

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The Hockey Maven shares his hockey knowledge and NHL insights

Stick handlers without helmets rushing goaltenders without masks on rinks lacking side boards gives way to a faster game with bigger players and overtime shootouts. The National Hockey League has evolved from a Canadian and regional sport to one that is watched by 68 million fans in North America, according to a 2014 NHL report. Hockey may have changed, but its essence and appeal remain.

The Handy Hockey Answer Book brings the game to life through exciting game action, vital stats, players, rules, and more. It traces the early spread of hockey, Lord Stanley's involvement, and the birth of the cup, then explains the rules, the equipment, strategies, and positioning, before following the ups and downs of the National Hockey League and its teams and players. The book answers more than 800 questions, including Where does hockey come from? What was the Stanley Cup first called? What is a “Zamboni” and after whom was it named? Why is the term “Original Six” a misnomer? Which two teams participated in the first Winter Classic? Which two current NHL superstars won both the Hart and Art Ross trophies in the first three years of their careers? Which player recently surpassed Peter Forsberg as the youngest player to join the Triple Gold Club?

About Stan Fischler

Stan Fischler Stan “The Hockey Maven” Fischler has been covering the ice game longer and more actively than any living journalist. He began working professionally as a hockey journalist in 1954 and is a Lester Patrick Award winner “for contributions to hockey in the United States.” Currently appearing on MSG Networks Hockey Night Live weekly program, he made his television debut announcing the World Hockey Association’s New England Whalers in 1973, and he began a long association with the New York Islanders two years later. He wrote his first of more than 90 hockey books in 1968, and before his wife, Shirley, died in May 2014, she collaborated with her husband on two definitive hockey encyclopedias, as well as other NHL books.

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  • 384 pages
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