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Larry Flaxman

Larry Flaxman is an accomplished author, researcher, and paranormal theorist who has written 10 books exploring the realms of the paranormal and "fringe" science. He is revolutionizing the field through his groundbreaking work, extensive research, and application of a scientific approach, including integrating quantum physics. Flaxman's contributions have earned him appearances on numerous popular TV shows such as the History Channel's "Time Beings" and “Ancient Aliens,” as well as hundreds of interviews on radio programs worldwide. Additionally, his work has been featured in esteemed publications, further cementing his reputation in the field.

Titles by this Author

The Afterlife Book: Heaven, Hell, and Life After Death
by Marie D Jones and Larry Flaxman
Afterlife Book
Published 2023

Demons, the Devil, and Fallen Angels
by Marie D Jones and Larry Flaxman