Demons, the Devil, and Fallen Angels

by Marie D Jones and Larry Flaxman

An image-packed compendium on embodiments of evil, this overview incorporates significant historical events and modern phenomena. … A worthwhile addition to the high school or public library.


If there’s someone on your gift list who wants a comprehensive look at things that go “bump” in the night, then wrap up “Demons, the Devil and Fallen Angels” by Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman. It’s a book about religion, beliefs, traditions and the dark side of all of the above.

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… a very impressive book … Looking for signs of possession, the rites of Exorcism, or just curious about where Satanism fits in … then look no further!

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…an illustrated encyclopedic compendium containing a vast amount of information that can be read through or used for reference.

Magonia Review of Books

… an excellently researched, non-preachy, and solidly historical study of how beliefs in the existence of the Devil, demons and more came to be – and how they mean different things to different cultures.

explore(s) the history and theories of demons, the devil, and fallen angels in various religious traditions, myths, folkloric and spiritual traditions, and the supernatural.

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An illuminating look at demons, devils, fallen angels, and the darker sides of human nature

The devil goes by many names, and his tribe is legion. Throughout human history, we have been obsessed with the dark opposites of God and angels, light, and mercy. Whether it is our religious and sacred texts, folklore, and myths of old; legends, fairy tales, and novels; or the movies and television shows of today, the dark entities enthrall us, terrify us, and remind us of the duality of good and evil.

Ancient cultures, virtually all religious traditions, and our modern society all have their lore, myths, and legends of monstrous, heinous, and sinister creatures populating the earth, plaguing mankind, and causing great suffering. But are they real—and where did they originate? Where are they now? Are they everywhere, surrounding us?

Demons, the Devil, and Fallen Angels is a comprehensive, clear, and objective look at a subject that fills most people with fear and dread, one that remains a part of our human experience, our popular culture, and our spiritual understandings. It explores the shadowy side of existence and its integral part of our nature within over two dozen religious traditions, myths, folkloric and spiritual traditions, and the world of the supernatural, as well as the demons, the Devil, and fallen angels in today’s pop culture.

This wide-ranging tome explores ancient everything from demon worship to modern Satanism, the bloody era of the Inquisitions and later witch burnings to the Satanic Panic of the late-twentieth century and secret occult societies, as well as demonic places, possessed objects, and Hitler’s involvement with demonology. Learn about the link between demons/fallen angels and aliens, cryptids, apparitions, and poltergeists, as well as the cultural history of demons and the Devil, the practices behind the worship of dark forces, and the lives of well-known figures who were alleged Satanists, some of whom may surprise you!

About Marie D Jones

Marie D Jones Marie D. Jones is a fully trained disaster response/preparedness member of Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT) through FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security, and she is a licensed ham radio operator (KI6YES). She is the author of over fifteen nonfiction books on cutting-edge science, the paranormal, conspiracies, ancient knowledge, and unknown mysteries, including Visible Ink Press’ Demons, the Devil, and Fallen Angels plus PSIence: How New Discoveries in Quantum Physics and New Science May Explain the Existence of Paranormal Phenomena; 2013: End of Days or a New Beginning; Supervolcano: The Catastrophic Event That Changed the Course of Human History; and The Grid: Exploring the Hidden Infrastructure of Reality. She is a regular contributor to New Dawn Magazine, FATE, Paranoia Magazine and periodicals. Jones has been interviewed on over a thousand radio shows worldwide, including Coast-to-Coast AM. She makes her home in San Marcos, California, and is the mom to one very brilliant son, Max.

Hometown: San Marcos, California

About Larry Flaxman

Larry Flaxman is an accomplished author, researcher, and paranormal theorist who has written 10 books exploring the realms of the paranormal and "fringe" science. He is revolutionizing the field through his groundbreaking work, extensive research, and application of a scientific approach, including integrating quantum physics. Flaxman's contributions have earned him appearances on numerous popular TV shows such as the History Channel's "Time Beings" and “Ancient Aliens,” as well as hundreds of interviews on radio programs worldwide. Additionally, his work has been featured in esteemed publications, further cementing his reputation in the field.

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

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