The Handy Bible Answer Book

by Jennifer R Prince
Handy Bible

This book can serve as a general introduction into the reading of the Bible.... This book should be placed on the general library shelves.... It is an interesting book.

ARBA Online

serve(s) as a first starting point for exploring the Bible. Recommended


... a very comprehensive exploration of the books and people of the Bible, while maintaining an easy-to-read question and answer style. ... a worthy purchase ...Ē

Children's Literature

a good, simple, nondenominational guide that will probably be most helpful for [those] starting to learn about the ancient work.

Library Journal

This book explains what the Bible says about thousands of topics. It usually interprets the Bible neither through a conservative or liberal lens. Ö So, if you like our web site, you will love this book.

An easy-to-navigate reference tool ... [T]his is a primarily nondenominational text that can be used and read by anyone trying to tackle the overwhelming tome for the first time or for those who have many queries about it but are not sure where to begin. Readers wonít have to look much further than Princeís well-researched guide.

School Library Journal

[T]he text is informative, and contentious issues are handled judiciously. [I]t is written and presented in a highly accessible manner. The text is easy to read. The resource may be useful in Christian home schooling and Christian charter school settings.

Voya Reviews

The Bible is a beloved text owned by most Americans.

Itís on most everyoneís reading list, but itís not always read as often as many would hope. It can be a daunting work to master. But the new, easy-to-use companion The Handy Bible Answer Book makes this endeavor less intimidating with easy-to-understand explanations to common questions about the Bible. From its origins and history to the meanings of chapters, verses, and parables, this user-friendly guide avoids dogma and defines key terms, people, places, and events. It will bring richness and context to both experienced Bible readers and those reading it for the first time.

The importance of the Bible, whether as a master work of literature, a historical artifact, or religious canon, can not be overestimated. The Handy Bible Answer Book helps readers dig deeply into the Bible to analyze the foundations of Judaism, Christianity, Western civilization, and the teachings of Jesus. This comprehensive guide also leads readers through the Old Testament, the foundation for both Judaism and Christianity and the moral and political cornerstone for many nations of the Western world. It brings context and understanding by answering more than 1,300 commonly asked questions on the Bible, including: Have artifacts of ancient Egypt influenced biblical studies? Why are there two creation accounts? How did the wise men know to follow the star? What parable appears in the Book of Mark but not in the other gospels? and many, many more.

About Jennifer R Prince

Jennifer R. Prince is a youth services librarian at a public library in North Carolina. She holds a bachelorís degree in literature from UNC at Asheville and a masterís in library and information science from UNC at Greensboro. A long-time book reviewer for local newspapers and professional journals, including a weekly column about books for children and teens in the Asheville Citizen-Times and reviews in the School Library Journal, Ms. Prince has made a lifelong habit of reading and studying the Bible and participating in many in-depth Bible studies. She is excited that her first book is The Handy Bible Answer Book.

Hometown: North Carolina

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