The Religion Book: Places, Prophets, Saints, and Seers

by Jim Willis

"This concise and accessible encyclopedia contains nearly 300 entries on the world's major religions, as well as important articles on important holy places...prophets and historical figures...and spiritual practices and religions that predate organized religion..."

Library Journal

" a world of religious war and murderous rhetoric, [The Religion Book] is that rare thing – a spiritual labor of patience and fairness."

Nashville Tennessean

"...this is a fascinating book...the book's appeal lies in its lively writing and thoughtful, personal approach..."

School Library Journal

Religion has long been at the top of the news and eternally an inspiration.

To expect to understand religion’s role in people’s lives, we must understand their religions and how they interpret them. The Religion Book: Places, Prophets, Saints, and Seers is a reader’s convenient parchment pulpit of easy understanding to some of the most asked-about religious topics.

Minister and comparative religion instructor Jim Willis made time in his non-stop schedule of teacher, musician, avid cyclist, and sometime carpenter to write The Religion Book with heart and a refreshingly down-to-earth spirit. Five hundred-plus pages explore 300 key religious figures, prophets, deities, places, and scriptures that play important roles in the major religions of the world. Willis respectfully explains terms and concepts as they relate to their respective belief systems, whether mainstream, pagan, or cultish.

From Aaron (the first high priest of Israel) to Zoroastrianism (once the dominant religion in Persia), The Religion Book provides an encyclopedic look at the practices of yesterday and today. Christians, Buddhists, Wiccans and the rest may have questions about others’ belief or even their own, and it expertly explains the similarities, differences, and original ideologies of believers and skeptics around the world.

Are Nirvana and Heaven the same? Who are the Raelians, and why are they cloning people? What’s the difference between Christian Scientists and Jehovah’s Witnesses? Dogma? Karma? Feng Shui? What do they all mean? Devils, ghosts, the afterlife—do they really exist? If killing’s a sin, why are there jihads? From the prominence of Catholics to the head scratching of the Red Paint People, The Religion Book is the go-to resource for all ages—and it doesn’t require dressing in go-to-meeting clothes.

Its handy size, comprehensive content, 100 photographs, additional resources chapter as well as a search-friendly index make The Religion Book a must-have reference for the introductory study of religion and a beacon for every reader who seeks his or her own holy grail.

About Jim Willis

Jim Willis Having earned his master's degree in theology from Andover Newton Theological School, Jim Willis has been an ordained minister for over forty years. He has also taught college courses in comparative religion and cross-cultural studies. In addition, Willis has been a professional musician, high school orchestra and band teacher, arts council director, and even a drive-time radio show host. His background in theology and education led to his writings on religion, the apocalypse, cross-cultural spirituality, and the mysteries of the unknown. Willis resides in the woods of South Carolina.

Hometown: South Carolina

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