Encyclopedia of Christmas

by Tanya Gulevich
Encyclopedia of Christmas

"Named an Outstanding Reference Source by the American Library Association."

"a handy guide to Christmastime arcana. The book dutifully and reverently addresses all the religious and ethnic variations attached to the year-end holiday. One thing is for certain: After reading this hefty Christmas dissertation, you'll be one smart elf."

Arizona Republic

"This wonderful book could be a trivia board game....Dozens of ethnic and religious customs and rituals are included."

Asbury Park Press

...readable, well documented, and frequently illustrated with black-and-white line drawings. Highly recommended; welcome and useful


"...this book is terrific fun, a well-organized and thorough reference and a good addition to any library....great family fun can be had (and a little knowledge added) with this book."

Winston-Salem Journal

Ho Ho Ho.

Officially, the phenomenon of Christmas now begins shortly after Labor Day. Apart from shop till you drop and credit cards on the max, Christmas is a holiday with a long history of twists and turns. The Encyclopedia of Christmas provides readers of all ages with a convenient, easy-to-use source of information on virtually every aspect of this sprawling celebration. From Advent to Zagmug, an ancient Sumerian festival of annual renewal, and with entries on related days and celebrations (such as the Annunciation, Candlemas, and Ephiphany), the Encyclopedia has Christmas covered.

The Encyclopedia contains nearly 200 alphabetically arranged entries. Topics include folk customs and beliefs, religious practices, legends, mythological and historical figures, food, beverages, and major literary, musical, and other artistic works associated with the celebration of Christmas. The Encyclopedia traces the history of Christmas from antiquity to the present and also covers the continuing evolution of the holiday, noting the development of new symbols and customs. The book is international in scope, offering 21 entries dealing wholly or mostly with the celebration of Christmas in other countries.

Entries range in length from about 100 words to well over 2,500 words. Suggestions for further reading follow each essay, and many entries list Christmas-related Web sites. A full bibliography of all sources consulted appears at the end of the book. Two other appendices cover Web sites and associations whose missions relate to Christmas in some way. We're confident yule love the Encyclopedia of Christmas.

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About Tanya Gulevich

Growing up in the culturally diverse San Francisco Bay area and listening to the stories of her immigrant grandparents kindled Tanya Gulevich's interest in the study of other cultures. At Oberlin College she pursued interests in European history, sociology, and Asian Studies. Later she obtained an M.A. and Ph.D. in cultural anthropology from the University of Michigan. Dr. Gulevich has always enjoyed learning about other ways of life through firsthand experience and has traveled in many countries, including France, Greece, Turkey, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Tibet. She speaks Spanish and has also studied French and Chinese. Other interests include music, dance, ritual, celebration, and cuisine. Her favorite holidays are Christmas and Halloween.

Hometown: San Francisco, California

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