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Handy Personal Finance
ISBN: 9781578593224

Personal Finance Tip of the Day:

How long should I keep my personal financial records?

  • It varies based on the document.
  • The IRS requires six years of records in case of gross error.
  • It is prudent to save tax documents and other important financial information for six to seven years.

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From the Personal Finance Tip of the Day archive...

How old is the concept of saving?
When did the first banks come into existence?
When did the first credit cards appear, and where was the term "credit card" popularized?
Didn't the U.S. Congress just pass a new law on credit cards?
What are some basic steps in our personal finance journey?
There is so much information on the Internet, how do I absorb what I read?
What is the FDIC?
How did money evolve?
What are the ways that people can protect themselves from identity theft using the mail, their credit card, and the internet?
What is a credit union, and why use one?
How do I balance my check book?
Why do some people dislike online banks?
What is phishing?
What can I do to teach my child about money?
What must you consider before investing, and what are some of the biggest mistakes that individual investors make?
What can I do about expenses like heating and electricity?
What is interest, and how is it calculated?
What is a mutual fund and how does it make money?
What is the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act, and how does it limit how collectors can communicate with consumers?
What is predatory lending?
What is a down payment, how much should be invested in a down payment, and what are some guidelines for down payments?
What is a financial planner, and what are some qualifications to look for in a financial planner?
Why do I need home owner's insurance, what does it cover, and how does it work?
How are some stock market financial indicators calculated?
What should I look for in identifying a good auto insurance company?
How does medical insurance work, and how do I get health insurance?
What types of online activities can we use during tough financial times to help us succeed?
What is the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and how does it protect consumers in case of credit error and fraud?
What are the steps involved in getting a mortgage?
How should I choose a lender?
Why do people lease cars?
What are some terms to know when getting a credit card?
What are some risks and limits of leasing a car?
What are some ways to support college financially?
How do we begin to save for retirement, and how do I know if I will have enough money saved for my retirement?
If you are fired from your job, can you obtain unemployment benefits coverage, and how does the process work?
How do we create a budget, and what is zero-based budgeting?
What mathematical concept is used to calculate mortgage payments?
If I notice that someone has stolen my identity, what should I do?
How can I get out of debt, and what is debt consolidation?
How can I save on items like food expenses?
How can I tell a legitimate credit counselor from a fraudulent credit counselor?
What types of questions might I ask if I am choosing an accountant?
What is alimony, and what are different types of alimony?
What is an IRA, and how many types of IRAs are there?
What tax advantages are there to home ownership?
What types of financial management can I set up without using personal financial software?
What is a 401k Plan, and why is it great?
How does a person calculate sales tax on purchases?
How long should I keep my personal financial records?

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