The Handy Boston Answer Book

by Samuel Willard Crompton
Handy Boston

The person on your gift list with the most wanderlust ... look for The Handy Boston Answer Book by Samuel Willard Crompton.

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… presents the rich history and trivia book on the city of Boston, Massachusetts. …

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Whether it's called Beantown, The Olde Towne, Titletown, The Cradle of Liberty, The Athens of America, The Puritan City, The City on a Hill, or any of its other obscure or oft-repeated nicknames, Boston has a long and varied history.

Its universities and hospitals lead the nation, and its sports teams, politicians, and colloquialisms continue to captivate. Exploring this city’s fascinating history, people, myths, culture, and trivia, The Handy Boston Answer Book takes an in-depth look at one of America's oldest major cities.

Learn about the city’s founding by Puritan settlers, the Boston Massacre, the Great Fire, the opening of the T, the busing desegregation strife, the Big Dig, the local sports fanatics, ethnic enclaves, and the surrounding suburbs, notable sons and daughters, and more are all packed into this comprehensive guide to the city of Boston. Through facts, stats, and history, as well as the unusual and quirky, it answers 1,200 fascinating questions, including What cities and towns comprise the “Greater Boston” region? What do Samuel Adams, James Taylor, Benjamin Franklin, and Taylor Schilling have in common? Are “Tonics” and “Whoopie Pies” available at most “Spas”? What do the colored lights on top of the old Hancock signal?

About Samuel Willard Crompton

Samuel Willard Crompton Samuel Willard Crompton has taught history to a generation of community college students, and he has written numerous books on war and its side effects, including 100 Battles That Shaped World History, and 100 Military Leaders Who Shaped World History. Crompton is a specialist in the French and Indian Wars and has served as an expert for the Military Channel on its First Command program. Crompton teaches history at Holyoke Community College. He has never served in the military, but his father was an American GI in France, and his great uncle died in the last stages of World War I.

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  • ISBN: 9781578595938
  • PDF ISBN: 9781578596164
  • Kindle ISBN: 9781578596188
  • ePUB ISBN: 9781578596171
  • 432 pages
  • 150 photos and illustrations
  • 7-1/8 x 9-1/4 paperback
  • $29.95

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