The Fortune-Telling Book: The Encyclopedia of Divination and Soothsaying

by Raymond Buckland

" excellent resource for important methods, personalities, and locales in the world of divination. A high-quality book, which is well-written and easy to use. Highly recommended."

American Reference Books

"[E]asy to use...."

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The past few years have witnessed a significant growth in interest and participation in divination.

And we saw it coming. That explains the impetus behind The Fortune-Telling Book: The Encyclopedia of Divination and Soothsaying. Some call it Karma, some call it fate, but whatever you call it, make sure to make room on your store shelves, because we?re calling it a great seller.

Well actually, that?s what a little bird told us. Or, if you?d like to take a page from the book (and if you do, make sure you do so from your own copy), what birds tell us is orithomancy. The ever-growing number of dedicated fortune-telling enthusiasts can read all about that and a lot more in The Fortune-Telling Book.

Best-selling Wiccan seer and Gypsy mystic Raymond Buckland now focuses his attention on the intuitive art of prognostication. A master of his art, Buckland received the 1999 Visionary Award for his book Gypsy Witchcraft and Magic, and his Buckland Romani Tarot received the same award in 2002. He has designed a number of fortune-telling decks and has been reading cards and doing other types of fortune telling for forty years.

An A-Z exploration of all that peers into tomorrow, The Fortune-Telling Book divines the meaning of 400 of the most meaningful topics related to this oft-misunderstood, oft-consulted-upon science. Written in clear, concise language, The Encyclopedia of Divination and Soothsaying discusses everything from aeromancy (seeing by observing atmospheric phenomena) to zoomancy (divination by the appearance or behavior of animals) and the 398 others in between.

This fascinating book will have readers throwing away their mouse traps to encourage myomancy (predicting with rats and mice), thirsting for more with pegomancy (soothsaying with water), and helping them find all the water needed via rhabdomancy (yep, you guessed it, divining rods). The encyclopedia is illustrated with 100 pictures and includes a detailed index and additional reading section. Packed with colorful histories, people, and significant events, The Fortune-Telling Book also tells readers how to foretell their own fates. We think it?s in the cards (cartomancy) that The Fortune-Telling Book will please fortune-telling enthusiasts, whatever their powers.

About Raymond Buckland

As one of the world's foremost experts on the occult and Wicca practices, Raymond Buckland studied and practiced fortune telling, Witchcraft, Gypsy magic, and other aspects of the supernatural for more than half a century. Of Romany (Gypsy) descent, Buckland was born in London in 1934. He obtained a doctorate in anthropology and, in 1962, moved to America. His spiritual quest led him to the works of Wicca pioneer Dr. Gerald Gardner. Before long, Buckland began serving as Gardner's spokesperson in the United States and was initiated into the Craft shortly before Gardner's death in 1964.

He had nearly 40 titles published, including The Witch Book, The Fortune-Telling Book, and the classic Buckland's Complete Book of Witchcraft. Buckland was also the subject of and had written countless newspaper and magazine articles, appeared on many television and radio shows, and lectured on college campuses nationwide.

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