Armageddon Now: The End of the World A to Z

by Jim Willis and Barbara Willis

Armageddon Now is well written and informative and not at all pedantic. It is interesting to browse as well as use as a reference resource and is a recommended purchase


This book would be referred to time and time again as a great reference book. ... I enjoyed it greatly.

Is it the end of the world as we know it? According to a considerable minority in this country alone, the end just may be near. How else can we explain the mind-boggling popularity of such prophets as Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce? If your library caters to the converted, you may consider purchasing this A-to-Z overview of the history of apocalyptic beliefs. In 200 entries, the Willises (The Religion Book: Places, Prophets, Saints, and Seers) tackle such topics as collisions with asteroids, nuclear war, global warming, and more.

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Don't be left behind.

Who knew that doomsday would be so hot? Environmental disasters, disease epidemics, the popularity of reality television, and strife in the Middle East, may all be signs that time has come today. Weak and ailing after the end of the Cold War and the financial spree of the nineties, the timeless notion that the end is near is once again exerting a powerful influence on pop culture, politics, religion, and Mel Gibson.

So you don't believe we?re on the eve of destruction? Authors Jim and Barbara Willis mine the religious and secular divide as they examine the history of apocalyptic beliefs in Armageddon Now. The authors explain the various omens and prophecies as well as the actual events that may trigger the end, such as collisions with asteroids, nuclear war, the oil crisis, global warming, and famine. They report that even the death of Pope John Paul II has some prognosticators predicting eminent doom, or at least doom coming relatively soon, which in any case would make investing in treasury bonds a bigger risk.

But as the authors point out, there have always been plenty of signs pointing to the boom in gloom: predicting the order of finish kept Nostradamus in print for centuries, and the ancient Mayans helpfully projected that calendar sales would drop to nothing after 2012. They are all part of the long history on the end of history.

Fire or ice, bang or whimper, asteroid or alien, act of God or human folly, Armageddon Now is all over doomsday prophecies. From alpha to omega, it is packed with 200 entries and 100 illustrations. Satan, saints, survivalists, and evangelical preachers known for their views on Biblical prophecies receive their due. In the end, the end has never been so thoroughly covered as in Armageddon Now: The End of the World A to Z. It's the last word for the end user.

About Jim Willis

Jim Willis While doing most of the research for this book, Jim and Barbara Willis lived for a year and a half in a 30-foot fifth-wheel RV trailer, traveling throughout the Southwest, a mostly pleasant way to envision the final big bang. Jim Willis has served as an ordained minister with the United Church of Christ for more than thirty years and wrote, produced, and hosted the “Through the Bible Series,” a daily drive-time radio program. He is an author, musician, college professor, and lecturer, teaching courses in comparative religion and cross-cultural studies. His study of the world’s religions, The Religion Book: Places, Prophets, Saints, and Seers, was published in 2004. He also has recorded and produced two albums of gospel music.

Hometown: South Carolina

About Barbara Willis

Born on the island of Guam in the Marianas islands, Barbara Willis has lived in exotic locales such as St. Croix, Martha’s Vineyard, Italy, and South America, as well as California, Arizona, Virginia, Washington, D.C., and various parts of New England. In addition to being well-traveled, she has an extensive history in community theater and has worked in occupations as varied as real estate, newspaper advertising, the restaurant business, and library research.

Hometown: Florida

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