Runaway Science: True Stories of Raging Robots and Hi-Tech Horrors

by Nick Redfern
Runaway Science

Will computers come to dominate man?

Will advanced technology, robots, and artificial intelligence enhance or destroy our future … thereby changing us forever!?! Learn about the history, the menace, and the opportunities—as well as the possible futures—of technology in this one-of-a-kind book!

A master storyteller and noted expert on the unexplained and paranormal, Nick Redfern presents dozens of intriguing accounts and fascinating stories about robots, artificial intelligence, and science and technology run amok. From clones and cyborgs to robocops and robots in the workplace and from ancient technology to CIA mind control experiments, Runaway Science: True Stories of Raging Robots and Hi-Tech Horrors uncovers what happens when technology becomes harmful, including …

  • Robocops and robots in the police force
  • Robots replacing people in the workplace
  • The high tech of ancient times
  • Clones, androids, modified humans, cyborgs, designer babies, and half-human robots
  • CIA plots to control our minds
  • The sentient internet
  • Monitoring our every move with microchip implants
  • The threat of unfathomable alien intelligence and technology
  • The singularity of uncontrollable and irreversible supplanting of human intelligence with technological intelligence
  • Science fiction and science fact—and how science fiction foreshadowed the future
  • Clandestine technological dangers and government mind-control plots
  • Robotic limbs, androids and half-humans
  • The prospect of uploading our minds into computers to ensure immortality
  • Whether robots will rise up and cause humans to become extinct
  • And more stories of science and tech gone wrong!

    Ponder the possibilities with this examination of the menace of robots, artificial intelligence, and technology of the past, present, and future. Exciting and worrisome, Runaway Science looks at past horrors and future dangers of technology!

  • About Nick Redfern

    Nick Redfern Nick Redfern is the author of 30 books on UFOs and cryptozoology, including Monster Files;
    The Real Men in Black; The NASA Conspiracies;
    and Strange Secrets. He has appeared on more than 70 TV shows, including: the BBC’s Out of This World; the SyFy Channel’s Proof Positive; and the History Channel’s Monster Quest.

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