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Astrology Book, 2nd Edition The Astrology Book: The Encyclopedia of Heavenly Influences, Second Edition
by James R Lewis

Starman walks among us again. Updated and expanded, The Astrology Book: The Encyclopedia of Heavenly Influences defines and explains more than... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578591442
Big Book of Facts The Big Book of Facts
NEW by Terri Schlichenmeyer

Informative and Fun! Trivial and Important! From astonishing, amazing, and surprising science and history accounts to the little-known... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578597208
Published 2022
Bigfoot Book The Bigfoot Book: The Encyclopedia of Sasquatch, Yeti, and Cryptid Primates
by Nick Redfern

Legendary Ö Lurking Ö Notorious Elusive Famous sightings, mythic folklore, and sensational hoaxes. What are we to believe? Does a hulking,... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578595617
Black Firsts 3e Black Firsts: 4,000 Ground-Breaking and Pioneering Events, Third Edition
by Jessie Carney Smith, Ph.D.

Achievement engenders pride, and the most significant accomplishments involving people, places, and events in black history are gathered in Black... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578593699
Black Firsts 4e Black Firsts: 500 Years of Trailblazing Achievements and Ground-Breaking
NEW by Jessie Carney Smith, Ph.D.

Achievement, pride, and accomplishments. Change, progress, and pioneers. Hard-won victories. Barrier-breaking triumphs. Society-changing feats.... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578596881
Published 2021
Black Heroes Black Heroes
by Jessie Carney Smith, Ph.D.

"If there is no struggle, there is no progress," wrote Frederick Douglass. "This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578591367
Celebrity Ghosts Celebrity Ghosts and Notorious Hauntings
by Marie D Jones

Stories of Fame, Death and Ghostly Immortality ... Even the most famous stars sometimes come back as infamous ghosts and apparitions. Whether... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578596898
Censoring God Censoring God: The History of the Lost Books (and other Excluded Scriptures)
by Jim Willis

Why isnít the Book of Enoch in the Holy Bible, even though Enoch is referenced multiple times? Why were texts considered sacred by many, excluded... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578597321
Published 2021
Conspiracies and Secret Societies 3e Conspiracies and Secret Societies:†The Complete Dossier of Hidden Plots and Schemes
NEW by Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger

The invisible world of influence and power revealed. Hidden agendas uncovered. An examination of over 250 current and historical conspiracies,... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578597673
Published September 2023
Constitution Explained The Constitution Explained: A Guide for Every American
NEW by David L Hudson, Jr.

The Constitution has ensured that the United States is governed by the rule of law rather than by a dictator. Itís been described as a contract... Read More »

ISBN: 9781578597505
Published 2022
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