The Handy Anatomy Answer Book, Second Edition

by Patricia Barnes-Svarney and Thomas E Svarney
Handy Anatomy 2e

[H]undreds of fascinating, engaging facts ... I could not put it down ...

Children's Literature

This perfect resource book could double as a textbook or a great review book.

Children's Literature

… accessible, well-illustrated resource … an absorbing resource … recommended for both middle and high school students of anatomy as well as anyone interested in how the body functions.

Library Journal

Ever find yourself short on time and needing to quickly answer a student's question about anatomy? Wish you had the most up–to–date reference book on your desk? The Handy Anatomy Answer Book is a good general resource for common human body questions.

National Science Teachers Association Recommends

...appealing title for curious browsers and a good quick-answer source for teens...

School Library Journal

...a great reference book...

The Science Teacher

...a wealth of useful and accessible information...


Uncover the wonders of human body.

We all have one: the human body. But do we really know all of its parts and how they work? The Handy Anatomy Answer Book is the key to unlocking this door to a wondrous world. Covering all the major body systems—integumentary (skin, hair, etc.), skeletal, muscular, nervous, sensory, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive—and, for good measure, adding chapters on growth and development and how science can help and augment the body, it follows the fascinating maze of organ systems and shows how much the body does routinely just to let you move, breathe, eat, and fight off disease.

This handy reference helps make the language of anatomy—as well as physiology and pathology—more understandable and less intimidating. Fascinating trivia plus serious facts combine to answer over 1,200 questions about the human body, including: What is Gray’s Anatomy? What does it mean to have 20/20 vision? Why is blood sticky? How does exercise affect the heart? What is “gluten intolerance”? Is urine always yellow in color? What are the seven warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease? What is a reflex? How much sleep does an individual need? Can humans use organs from other animals for transplants?

About Patricia Barnes-Svarney

Patricia Barnes-Svarney Patricia Barnes-Svarney has been a nonfiction science and science fiction writer for more than 15 years. She has a master's degree in geography/geomorphology and has worked professionally as a geomorphologist and oceanographer. She has written or coauthored more than 20 books, including The New York Public Library Science Desk Reference, and has written more than 300 articles for science magazines and journals.

Hometown: Endicott, New York

About Thomas E Svarney

Thomas E Svarney Thomas E. Svarney is a scientist, naturalist, and artist. With Patricia Barnes-Svarney, he is the author of numerous science books, including Skies of Fury, The Handy Geology Answer book, The Handy Ocean Answer Book, and The Handy Dinosaur Answer Book. He has also contributed to several books, including The New York Public Library Desk Reference.

Hometown: Endicott, New York

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