The Handy Civil War Answer Book

by Samuel Willard Crompton
Handy Civil War

This new volume is a quick and fascinating introduction to the Civil War, touching on pertinent aspects of the conflict. The author covers the battles but also discusses, various social, economic, political, and other issues related to the period. Highly Recommended.


This is a well-written, interesting approach to Civil War history. It will interest those who have some knowledge and want to pursue inquiries on various aspects of particular battles or other subjects. It is recommended for those readers.

Civil War News

This title could work as a supplementary American history textbook for high school students or serve as personal reading for Civil War buffs.

Library Journal

Using a question-and-answer format, this information-filled volume offers a plethora of facts about the Civil War ... An inexpensive addition to the numerous Civil War books being published during the sesquicentennial.

School Library Journal

"This latest entry in the Handy Answer Book series proceeds chronologically through the major battles, personalities, and background issues of the U.S. Civil War. The author achieves a strong narrative flow. [He] is knowledgeable and judicious. Like the other Handy Answer Books, this entry on the Civil War is not specifically marketed to young adults, but is quite suitable for teens as well as for general readers."

Voya Reviews

The nation’s highest-casualty, bloodiest-war is still discussed, acted out, and politically relevant today.

Beginning with the economic, political, and social forces behind the conflict, continuing to the first shots fired at Fort Sumter, the military strategies, battles, and people, and following Lee’s surrender at Appomattox to the reconstruction and modern aftermath, The Handy Civil War Answer Book is a captivating, concise, and convenient history of America’s defining conflict.

The strategies of Lee, Sherman, and Grant; the key battles, including Gettysburg, Chattanooga, and Chancellorsville; the weapons, the prices of everything from a bale of cotton to a box of ashes; and the fascinating stories of the women, children, and soldiers affected by the carnage are explained and explored. From the biggest events and battles to the lesser known warriors and women, the war, its participants, and historical significance are presented through more than 900 questions, including: How did the Mexican War influence Americans of the 1850s? What was Robert E. Lee’s connection to George Washington? Would North and South have been reconciled if Lincoln were not assassinated? What happened to the centennial celebrations of the Civil War? and many, many more.

About Samuel Willard Crompton

Samuel Willard Crompton Samuel Willard Crompton has taught history to a generation of community college students, and he has written numerous books on war and its side effects, including 100 Battles That Shaped World History, and 100 Military Leaders Who Shaped World History. Crompton is a specialist in the French and Indian Wars and has served as an expert for the Military Channel on its First Command program. Crompton teaches history at Holyoke Community College. He has never served in the military, but his father was an American GI in France, and his great uncle died in the last stages of World War I.

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  • ISBN: 9781578594764
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  • 432 pages
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