The Handy History Answer Book, Third Edition

by David L Hudson, Jr.
Handy History 3e

Blending trivia with historical review, David L. Hudson Jr. presents a thematic glossary of various factoids major and minor, including: historical eras, religion, war, politics, law, economics, social movements, disasters, medicine, philosophy, science, and recreation.

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Trivia buffs who are also historians will want to read The Handy History Answer Book, Third Edition by David L. Hudson, Jr. This book is perfect for browsing, easy to pick up and put down, and it's a great argument-settler.

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The Handy History Answer Book is an opportunity for your family to walk through history in short segments. Written in a conversational tone that is very approachable and understandable, it can serve as a supplement to a history curriculum, or as a resource for those who just want to know more. This is a great resource.

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A Walk through the Ages

Our country and the world is changing fast, and a knowledge of history helps us understand the hows, whats, and whys of modern civilization. Fully revised and updated, this new edition of The Handy History Answer Book answers over 1,000 how-what-why questions. A concise guide to all things historical, this feast of facts and compelling stories recounts the revolutionary ideas, acts, and inventions that have changed the world from the Stone Age through the 21st century.

Open the pages of this historical guide and get ready for an exciting journey. From Neanderthal Man to sports, from the Trojan War to the Arab Spring, from the Hippocratic Oath to the Internet, this is the perfect companion for history buffs of any age and a resource for learning—and brushing up on—the events, terms, and history makers.

The Handy History Answer Book follows the Celts, Vikings, Normans, Huns, and other ancient tribes, surveys early civilizations, including Greek, Chinese, Roman, Mayan, and Egyptian, exhumes the British Empire, tracks the expansion of the United States, and examines the lights, action, cameras and fast-paced swirl of modern life. Politics and war, exploration and settlement, science, religion, arts, technological advances, and more, this book chronicles the big news whenever and wherever it has been made.

What was trial by ordeal? When was the flush toilet invented? Who started the Boston Tea Party? What is Gray’s Anatomy? How old is the U.S. income tax? When did mobile phones first come into use?

About David L Hudson, Jr.

David L Hudson, Jr. An attorney-author who works as First Amendment Scholar for the First Amendment Center at Vanderbilt University, he writes regularly on the Supreme Court, as a contributing editor to the American Bar Association's Preview of U.S. Supreme Court Cases. He also teaches several classes at the Nashville School of Law. He is the author of more than 25 books, including The Rehnquist Court: Understanding Its Impact and Legacy (Praeger, 2006). He is a graduate of Duke University and Vanderbilt Law School.

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  • ISBN: 9781578593729
  • PDF ISBN: 9781578594306
  • Kindle ISBN: 9781578594320
  • ePUB ISBN: 9781578594313
  • 560 pages
  • 150 photos and illustrations
  • 7.125" x 9.25" paperback
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