The Handy Politics Answer Book

by Gina Misiroglu

"This reference is a meaningful addition to the educational tools [for] students as well as general political observers and voters who want to better understand the issues of the day."

American Reference Books

"...this easy-to-navigate book removes complexity from a serious subject: government."

Tampa Tribune & Times

In these politically charged times, interest in the political process is peaking.

From the national election debacle in Florida to 9/11 to environmental conflict to unrest in the Middle East and South America, the political landscape has become one of great importance. Pundits declare that the midterm 2002 election looks to be among the most critical in American history. Enormous decisions must be made at a time when the world seems to be teetering on the edge of chaos. Ever timely, The Handy Politics Answer Book serves up 700 pages and 1,200 questions and answers for the common man, woman, or child on the basic nuts and bolts of our government and political history. Interesting, enlightening, and, most importantly, empowering, Handy Politics is sure to become a favorite on any bookshelf. And the pages are sure to become more dog-eared than President Nixon's legacy.

The Handy Politics Answer Book dares to ask the tough questions (not like the ones reporters lob at incumbents) and answers every one thoroughly and clearly (without the usual political side-stepping and spin tactics). Fifteen chapters explore politics from our founding fathers to current trends, from our branches of government to how they work together (or don't), from noteworthy people and officials to major events. Written in clear, concise language, Handy Politics is easier to understand than a ballot in western Florida.

Handy Politics is just the book wannabe politicians (and everyone else) can consult to obtain a solid understanding on such things as "Why were Medicare and Medicaid created?" "What are civil liberties?" "What is due process of law?" "What is NAFTA?" (Contrary to what that big-eared egomaniac says, it's not a large sucking sound.) "What is the United Nations?" Then there are the questions you always wanted to know, like, "What is considered the dirtiest presidential campaign on record?" And, "If the president has a job description, what is it?" Great questions for parties, but everyone knows you're not supposed to talk politics at social gatherings. That's why this book exists.

About Gina Misiroglu

Gina Misiroglu Gina Misiroglu is a fourteen-year veteran of the West Coast publishing industry, specializing in the development and editing of popular-culture, history, biography, and women's studies titles. Misiroglu has edited and developed hundreds of books in her publishing career for a number of presses, but counts Visible Ink Press as her publishing “home.” Misiroglu is the author of such best-selling titles as Girls Like Us: 40 Extraordinary Women Celebrate Girlhood in Story, Poetry, and Song (1999), winner of the New York Public Library's "Best Book for Teens" Award, and Imagine: The Spirit of Twentieth-Century American Heroes (1999). Her latest Visible Ink Press book, The Superhero Book: The Encyclopedia of Comic-Book Icons and Hollywood Heroes, launched in 2004 to rave reviews.

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

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