Conspiracies and Secret Societies: The Complete Dossier, Second Edition

by Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger
Conspiracies 2e

This is truly an astonishing encyclopedia of conspiracies of every kind and secret societies of every dark shade, from antiquity right up to the present day. ... It's another must-have.

With all the books out there focusing on specific conspiracy theories, it's great to find a book that is so comprehensive that it literally covers them all…. This is a fantastic book for anyone who's been wondering about conspiracies, but didn't know where to start. One warning, however: Don't loan the book out and expect to get it back soon.

Allan Handelman, Host of the Allan Handelman Show syndicated on radio

The Steigers' present in this massive book a truly wide and fascinating range of material dealing with an endless array of startling scenarios of conspiracy and secret societies. There’s virtually everything here.

Alternate Perceptions Magazine

If you’re not already paranoid, you may be after reading this book. This primer hits the highlights of murder plots, suicides, extraterrestrials, government cover-ups, and religious mysteries throughout the centuries.


Conspiracies and Secret Societies: The Complete Dossier is a volume that I can highly recommend to my readers. It would make a handsome addition to the library shelves of anyone who enjoys a good intellectual challenge posed by tales of mystery, conspiracy, and the alleged activities of secret societies. This book delves into and reports on all sorts of brain-teasing mysteries in vast multiples, from all over the world, both ancient and modern.

Brent Raynes, Alternate Perceptions Magazine

You won't find a clearer, more encyclopedic, or more honest look at conspiracies and secret societies.... I highly recommend this to all of my listeners.

Erskine; Host of Erskine Overnight;

Well worth adding to any library … but be forewarned: reading this work may just change your outlook on life, and for that matter, the entire world you thought you knew… radical shifts in your accepted reality may await!

Just about every odd, secretive and intellectually indulging subject is proposed and explained .... [I]n the scope of conspiracy and secretive societies published works goes, this has to be my favorite. Definitely worth the price of admission!

I predict this book will come to be the standard by which all efforts at codifying the world's hidden - and inextricably linked - power mechanisms will be judged. It is a true geopolitical, historical classic...a marvel by any measure...and will be read decades from now as the ultimate window back into a world seemingly gone mad.

Jeff Rense , Editor-in-Chief of

Being in the media for over 20 years, I have read many books and have interviewed many authors, and once in a great while a true gem comes to my attention. CONSPIRACIES AND SECRET SOCIETIES THE COMPLETE DOSSIER by Brad and Sherry Steiger, is just that! …Here at last is all the information in one fantastic collection! No more searching through many different publications to find one here or two there. This one book says it all. It is well written, painstakingly researched, and very compelling, a trademark of all Brad and Sherry's work.

Joe Who,

If you could only own one book on conspiracies, this is it. It's the culmination of meticulous, balanced research, seasoned storytelling, and a sense for the reader's needs, earned over decades by the Steigers' submersion in this field. Whenever I need information on conspiracies, whether personally or for show preparation, this is the book I will grab from the shelf.

Joshua P. Warren, author and host of Speaking of Strange (Asheville, NC, News Radio 570)

Plenty of books have been written individually about select secret societies: now here's a handy A-Z reference which covers them all under one cover, providing over five hundred pages reviewing 300 individuals, organizations, and events which have puzzled modern times. From contemporary issues such as satellite snooping to historical background on societies such as the Freemasons, entries provide plenty of coverage and describe major events and secret societies with relevance to today's world. CONSPIRACIES AND SECRET SOCIETIES: THE COMPLETE DOSSIER is a must for any collection strong in investigative inquiry.

Midwest Book Review

[A] wonderful read: It calmly and rationally explains the sort of urban myths and conspiracy theories that we all hear dribs and drabs about around the water cooler, but of which few of us really know the details? In a straightforward manner, [the Steigers] present evidence for a theory and evidence against it. [An] always entertaining, sometimes funny, occasionally disturbing reference book.

Orange County Register

a must for the conspiracy / secret society buff to own.

Rob McConnell, Host of the "X-Zone" radio show

Riveting tome.... Written in an accessible, entertaining style.... Chock-full of engrossing and provocative articles.... While this work may offend, enrage, and even frighten some, it’s sure to be a hit with conspiracy enthusiasts.

School Library Journal

From Alchemy to Zionism this fearless masterpiece breaks down the truth and filters through the lies, presenting the reader with a clear and precise picture of the world around them. Big thumbs up!

The Conspiracy Review

Top Ten Synchromystic Books of 2012

The Twilight Language

Startling allegations.

Suppressed evidence. Missing witnesses. Assassinations. Cover-ups and threats. Documented connections to even deeper intrigue. Allusions to the New World Order. Coincidences? Too many to be mere coincidence? American history is replete with warnings of hidden plots by the Illuminati, the Freemasons, the Zionists, the Roman Catholics, the Communists, World Bankers, the Secret Government, and Extra-Terrestrial Invaders, to name a few.

Separating fact from fiction, this compelling work provides gripping details and presents the information without bias, including hundreds of individuals, organizations, and events where official claims and standard explanations of actions and events remain shrouded in mystery. It examines the most common subjects among conspiracy theorists, from historical topics such as the true relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the Roswell UFO crash, and the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. to more current issues such as the death of Princess Diana, FEMA’s response following hurricane Katrina, and the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

In this age of minimum individual privacy and maximum government secrecy, the truth sometimes seems a battered relic, more myth than reality, and more valuable for its rarity. Shedding light onto the darkest and most enduring of stories, Conspiracies and Secret Societies: The Complete Dossier is a compelling encyclopedic overview of 250 individuals, organizations, and events where official claims and standard explanations of actions and events remain clouded in mystery.Completely revised, updated and expanded.

About Brad Steiger

Brad Steiger Award-winning writer Brad Steiger authored over 2,000 articles and more than 180 titles with inspirational and paranormal themes, including Conspiracies and Secret Societies; Real Aliens, Space Beings, and Creatures from Other Worlds; Real Encounters, Different Dimensions, and Otherworldy Beings; and Real Ghosts, Restless Spirits, and Haunted Houses.. Brad is a veteran of broadcast news magazines such as The Nightly News, as well as a regular radio guest on shows ranging from Rob McConnell’s X-Zone to Coast to Coast with George Noory.

Hometown: Somewhere in, Iowa

About Sherry Hansen Steiger

Sherry Hansen Steiger is an expert on health and healing, spirituality, and the unexplained. She has authored or coauthored more than 40 books, including the inspirational Real Miracles, Divine Intervention, and Feats of Survival and the best-selling “Miracles” series, including Dog Miracles, Animal Miracles, and Christmas Miracles (winner of the 2002 Storytelling Award).

Hometown: Somewhere in, Iowa

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